Finding the Perfect VW Camper Van for Sale

Finding a reliable VW camper van for sale is a very straight-forward task, but with a number of viable options available it can easily become confusing and daunting. That being said, it is critical that you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge required to spot the applicable type. Aside from that, you also have to become familiar with vital information about VW Camper Vans. This is essential to easily narrow down your options. If you don’t make the right shopping decisions, buying the wrong VW Camper Van can become nightmare. Hence, you should read through this site to learn important facts regarding VW Camper Vans.

Various Types of VW Camper Vans

The concept of the VW Camper Vans was introduced in the 1950’s. Since then, they became a popular choice among many campers. Westfalia was one of the notable converters of VW Camper Vans. They began converting Volkswagen Camper Vans in 1951 and continued to do so until 2003. You should know that there are different types of VW Camper Vans to select from, which includes:

  • Split Screen Type 2 T1 – This type of Camper Van is ideal for everyday and weekend use. They are social vehicles that are available in many variations. They were generally produced between 1950 and 1967. Since then, they remained as the most popular Camper Vans within their segment.
  • Bay Window Type 2 T2 – These Camper Vans are regarded as iconic vehicles mainly because of their distinct and desirable style. Like the T1 Camper Vans, they are also perfect for weekend or everyday use.
  • T25 and T3 – Various models of VW Camper Vans were produced from this particular category. However, their popularity declined due to continued use of old air cooled engines.

Now that you are familiar with the different VW Camper Van options, it will now be easier for you to choose that one that perfectly fits your personal taste and purpose of use.

What to Expect

These classic Camper Vans typically include standard and functional equipments. Some of which include the following:

  • screened windows with curtains
  • laminated dining table and cabinetry (intended for storage)
  • reliable water storage and pump
  • foldable seating that can also be used as a bed
  • electrical hookups (for wired appliances)
  • convenient ice box

Aside from the standard features, they also offer optional equipments that you may wish to add, which include:

  • attachable side awnings, stand alone tent, and pop tops with tent
  • camping stove and other important camping equipment
  • rear swing table
  • portable chemical toilet
  • an infant’s sleeping cot
  • matching storage boxes

Since the production of these vans has ceased a long time ago, it would be impossible for you to buy a newly produced one. On that regard, it is critical that you scrutinize your choices carefully. Hence, when buying a VW camper van for sale, make sure to check if the integrated equipments are still functioning, look for signs of rust, and inspect the engine system for any kinds of leaks or damages. Furthermore, you should also verify if spare parts are still available.

Hopefully, the preceding information will help you to find a VW Camper Van that will perfectly meet your specifications and camping requirements.

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